This haphazard selection from my previously completed projects includes books, booklets, and experimental publications. For more (and more recent examples), go to current projects.

I think that half-title, title, and copyright pages allow for some typographic indulgence. Especially the anachronistic half-title can be a rewarding playground for details setting the tone for all following pages. A tiny reward for all who take the time to even notice.

The impossible space we inhabit.
From dialogue to polyphony.
Using the whole spread to create motion.
A flock of birds. A flight of thoughts.
A monograph about contemporary artisans from Slovenia, the first of its kind.
Four poets. Four corners of a rectangle. Mise en abyme.
An experimental anthology with poems by four authors in alphabetical order – without explicit attribution.
A personal catalogue for Andrej Blatnik.
In poetry chapbooks, the table of contents can be poetry, too.
Poster for a book of short stories.
Poster for the anniversary of a literary magazine.
Poster for a book launch.
From Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, with love.
The deer has fallen.
But can one touch an e-book?